Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Crazy Retro Scott Boras Quote of the Day

*Scott Boras is baseball's most successful and well known agent. Boras is a mix of crazy with a whole lot of genius. He's the master salesman for his clients, but even the great Boras goes overboard every once and awhile. The following is an example of Boras going wayyyyyyyyyy overboard*

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On Adrian Beltre (May, 2004):
"You have to look at A-Rod," [Scott Boras] said, referring to the 10- year, $252-million signing of Alex Rodriguez, then 25, by the Texas Rangers in December 2000. Boras said he didn't mean that Beltre would qualify for a similar contract but that there are few 25-year- olds of that stature from which to draw comparisons.

"Adrian's ceiling can only grow," Boras said. "He'll have another five years before he's 30, and he would have a real advantage over other players in the market. In fact, players of that stature rarely get to free agency. Teams generally understand what they have and don't let it happen. In Beltre's case, there's going to have to be a premium paid in years and dollars."


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