Friday, October 16, 2009

Will the Yankees Resign Johnny Damon?

For a majority of the regular season, Damon was viewed as the guy the Yankees would opt to keep heading into 2010. Even with Damon's limited defensive ability, he still offered more flexibility than Hideki Matsui moving forward. But now there are murmurs that Damon will not be back with the Yankees in 2010:
"Now that the Yankees seem to have built a team that can get an annual invite to the ALCS, the 35-year-old Damon, whose contract expires at the end of this playoff run, might not get much use out of it. He is a veteran on a team that miraculously squeezed production from a group of aging players - some of them coming off injuries, such as Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte, and Hideki Matsui. Damon's services might not be in demand in the Bronx next year."
I know Damon struggled pretty badly in the ALDS, but people need to remember just how good Damon was for the Yankees this season. Damon was the perfect catalyst behind Derek Jeter this season and is a large reason why the Yankees offense was so potent. Even at 35, Damon still hit .282 with 24 Yankee Stadium aided home runs, 82 RBI, and 107 runs scored.

There are two scenarios where I could see the Yankees deciding to part ways with Damon:

1. The Yankees resign Hideki Matsui as the DH in 2010
-There's no way the Yankees will bring back both Matsui and Damon in 2010....the Yankees need to get younger moving forward.

2. The Yankees try to sign Jason Bay or Matt Holliday this winter
-If the Yankees pass on both Matsui and Damon, then all of a sudden the Yankees can become players for either Bay or Holliday. The Yankees would have a glaring need in left field and lots of payroll to spend. It might make sense for the Yankees to go after a big name free agent OF this offseason because next year's free agent OF class is weak outside of Carl Crawford.

I still think the Yankees and Damon will come to terms on a one year deal for 2010. The Yankees should not let Damon's prolonged slump (Sept. into October) prevent them from keeping one of their primary offensive players. If anything, the Yankees should let Matsui go, sign Damon with the expectation that he will DH more in 2010, and go after Matt Holliday or Jason Bay.


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LB/Mr.WorkHarder said...
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Francis Isberto said...

Sign Damon for 1 year around 5-6 million. Let Matsui walk and give the DH spot next season to Posada. Damon can still be productive for a year or two. Question is how will the Yankees replace Matsui's bat?

rakeback said...

I think the catcher has a great deal to do with the success or failure of the pitcher. I think Posada has done a great job over the years, so I find it hard to believe he suddenly forgot how to call a game.

Jorge Says No! said...

Do you think Damon will have to settle for only a 1 year/$5 million dollar contract with the numbers he put up this year?