Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hypothetically Speaking: Would You Trade Corey Hart for Kenshin Kawakami?

As we all know by now:

-The Braves need a big bat to compliment Brian McCann and Chipper Jones in the lineup. They have a surplus of starting pitchers to part with because of the emergence of Tommy Hanson.

-The Brewers need a frontline pitcher to pair with Yovani Gallardo in 2010 if they have any chance of making the playoffs

With those needs in mind, let's make a deal.

Here is the (hypothetical) offer on the table:

Braves trade Kenshin Kawakami to the Milwaukee Brewers for OF Corey Hart

Would you do it? Let's lay out the pros and cons for each side:

Why the Braves would do it:
-acquire the big bat they've been searching for
-get rid of their surplus of starting pitchers
-Corey Hart is under team control until after 2012

Why the Brewers would do it:
-Kawakami gives them a front line pitcher to pair with Gallardo
-good price: 2 years/$13.3 million remaining on deal
-don't have to deal Prince Fielder to acquire a quality pitcher
-Not taking on too much salary in 2010 or 2011 (Hart will make around $4 million in 2010 and probably will see a raise in 2011 compared to $6.6 million for Kawakami in 2010 and 2011)

Why the Braves wouldn't do it:
-Is Corey Hart simply Jeff Franceour 2.0?
-Will Corey Hart help solve their offensive woes?

Why the Brewers wouldn't do it:
-Do they really want to part with Corey Hart?
-Who would replace Corey Hart in RF?


This is a tough one for the Brewers. On one hand, they would get a very good starting pitcher, which they covet. But on the other hand, I don't think moving Corey Hart would be a popular move with the fan base. Hart had a down year in 2009, but he is a premium talent and those aren't easy to give up on.

So I'll ask again: would you make this deal? Does this make sense...?



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Anonymous said...

How do you make it through this entire discussion without mentioning the name Jason Heyward?

lar said...

The truth of the matter is, Corey Hart seems to have worn out his welcome here. I actually like Corey quite a bit, and I think he was deserving of that Final Vote All-Star spot he got in 2008, but something's wrong and I'm not sure he can fix it. Other than last April/May, when he remembered to lay off a pitch every now and then, he's been really bad since that All Star Game. He swings at almost anything, especially early in the count, and cannot lay off the slider off the plate. It's aggravating to watch. If he can be traded for decent pitching (and I don't know enough about Kawakami to say how good he is), it will almost certainly be done.

We'll see how it plays out but I think the Brewers would be more than willing to trade Hart. He's had a long time to figure things out and it just hasn't happened yet.

P. W. Hjort said...

As a Braves fan, I wouldn't be very pleased if the Braves traded Kenshin Kawakami for Cory Hart. Hart's career high in Homers is 24, walks is 43, and his SLG% is trending downwards for the past three years. Despite the Braves' need for a right-handed bat, I think Kawakami is more valuable to the team than Cory Hart hypothetically would be. Even if Kawakami isn't the epitome of value.

Jorge Says No! said...

Heyward will be up at some point in 2010. We all know that. But until that day comes, the braves need 1 or 2 OFs depending on how they view ryan church and matt diaz.

Jorge Says No! said...

To what degree is hart's value increased by the fact that he is under team control through 2012? Or does that actually hurt his value because of arbitration?

Jorge Says No! said...
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Anonymous said...

It just seems to me that if you expect Heyward to take over in RF by 2011, you shouldn't deal for a "premium talent" in RF. Just sign an affordable vet or stick with Church/Diaz as a stopgap.

To me, that's why trading for Hart doesn't make any sense for Atlanta...because they would essentially block their RF of the future.

Anonymous said...

I like the it works for both teams and does not block Heyward if Hart mores over to LF.

Anonymous said...

As a Braves fan since "46" I don't like the trade because we just traded the same type of hitter to the Mets (JF). Everybody seems to pinning a lot of hope on Heyward. Take a step back and think about the last 3 CAN'T MISS Prospects the Braces touted. Lombard, Bettimit, and Scheaffer. Where are they now? Way too much emphasis on POTENTIAL. What if Heyward flames out? Diaz and Church in right for a year won't be too bad especially if Diaz keeps hitting. We need a left fielder who can but up 20 to 25 hrs and 85 to 95 rbis for 1 to 2 years and chace down some gap hits.
Any real ideas?

Anonymous said...

Corey Hart is way better than JF. Better defense, better speed, better arm, better hitter. JF has had 1 good year, Hart has had 2 all-star caliber years. Hart can also play all OF positions though he's best in RF. He's also hit leadoff. No comparison there. He regressed this year but that's when you would want to trade for him.

Barack said...

As a brewer fan I like this trade. We are so desperate for pitching and I'd welcome Kawakami as our #3 or #4 guy, assuming we also get another pitcher who is better. Hart is far better than Jeff Francour, and he has potential upside so this could be a benefit to the Braves. Hart can play LF no problem so he's not blocking any potential RF prospects necessarily. I think this is a fair swap.

Anonymous said...

"Everybody seems to pinning a lot of hope on Heyward. Take a step back and think about the last 3 CAN'T MISS Prospects the Braces touted. Lombard, Bettimit, and Scheaffer."

apparently someone missed a few atlanta "braces" games. hanson and mccann, anyone? besides, schafer played all but the entirety of his mlb time with a wrist that needed surgery. i'll wait to pass judgement on him.

Anonymous said...

The Braves need a big power threat in the lineup. Corey Hart does not fit that bill. This trade won't happen. We could get alot better than Hart and if we can't, I'd stick with what we've got already. One year of stop gate with Diaz and Church, until Schaffer and Heyward are ready is fine.

Jorge Says No! said...

Aside from holliday and bay, what other perennial 30 homerun hitters are out the market that can be had for one of the braves starting pitchers..lowe, kawakami? I doubt they'll trade vazquez after reading quotes by cox and chipper

Anonymous said...

if they have to they should at least send lowe to someone for absolutely nothing. anything to free up that money. he's our worse starter and that'd be $15 for the next three years they could spend on a slugger.

Jorge Says No! said...

Do you think any team would take a chance on lowe and the 45 million the braves owe him? I'd think its a long shot

Anonymous said...

you might very well be right, but
the free agent market for pitchers is fairly thin next year and i wouldnt be totally shocked to see a team like the mets, who have few prospects to offer in trades but desperately need pitching, take lowe off the braves hands.

theyre not afraid of excessive years on a contract(perez, castillo), and may not have much choice if the few "top" free agent pitchers go to other clubs. after last season, they are definitely going to look for someone they can rely on to take the mound every fifth day and lowe is definitely that man.

Anonymous said...

also forgot to mention that citi field would probably be kind to lowe's sinker.

Anonymous said...

lowe's numbers weren't particularly impressive, but if it hadnt been for 3 or 4 starts, his era wouldve looked more respectable and he was at the very least a durable pitcher that won 15 games.

Anonymous said...

Lowe can definitely be moved, if Atlanta is willing to eat a certain amt of his contract. Remember, he had a similar "hiccup" in his numbers in 2004, his final year with Boston, but he bounced back. I say move him and pay some of his salary as an enticement. Unless some team is dying to take him and his salary, we should look at X Nady or M Cameron to fill GA's OF slot.

Jorge Says No! said...

would the BRaves actually trade Lowe to the Mets? If so, they would probably have to take Oliver Perez back in return....

Jorge Says No! said...

If the Braves eat let's say, $10 million of Lowe's contract, how many teams would be interested in Lowe at $11 million (or so) annually over the next three years?

Anonymous said...

How about including with KK - KJ and a couple of mid-range prospects for Ryan Braun. He's the only righty power hitter that the Braves could slip between Chipper and BMac. Just try to see what it would take for the Brewsters to part with Braun. We need a big numbers guy.

jake heaps said...

Jason Heyward looks like the real deal, and the Braves might have the next superstar on their hands. I read that the reason he dropped so far in the 2007 MLB Draft was because he got pitched around throughout high school and scouts couldnt get a good look at him.

Jorge Says No! said...

Honestly, it would not surprise me if Heyward is up with the Braves at the start of the 2010 season. He's that good.