Friday, November 14, 2008

And They're Off!

As the clock strikes 12, you know what that means.....


The exclusive negotiating period is now over and teams are able to talk with whatever free agent they want. Let the fun begin.

Here are my free agent picks so far...I have linked them all. Please take a look and enjoy!

-Mark Teixeira
-CC Sabathia
-Manny Ramirez
-Ben Sheets (keep in mind, I did this before he got hurt)
-Adam Dunn (Note: I'm now thinking Dunn will wind up with something like a 1 year/$14 mil or a 2 year/$26 mil type of deal)
-Francisco Rodriguez
-Pat Burrell
-Oliver Perez
-Ryan Dempster
-Derek Lowe
-Orlando Hudson
-Raul Ibanez

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