Monday, November 3, 2008

The Royals Continuous Assault on OBP

In 2008, the Royals were dead last in the MLB in team OBP. So entering the offseason, one would figure that the Royals top priority would be to increase their team OBP. However, all signs point otherwise. On Thursday, the Royals traded for Mike Jacobs and his .299 OBP. And then today, the Royals re-signed backup catcher Miguel Olivo and his .278 OBP. All I know is that both of these guys blend in very well with Jose Guillen and his .300 OBP.

Olivo is at best a backup catcher, but when your options are Olivo and John Buck, odds are Olivo will get a chunk of playing time because of his power and defense. Oh yeah, it was only two months ago that Olivo emphatically stated, "hell no" when asked if he would be back with the Royals in 2009. I guess Olivo has 2.7 million reasons why he wants to be back in KC.

I am one of the few who actually supports the Jacobs acquisition because I still feel like the move shored up a major weakness: the Royals had no power. But spending almost $3 million dollars on a scrub catcher who cannot consistently get on base...not too sure on that one.

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