Saturday, November 29, 2008

One Less Headache for Mike Maddux (Part II)

Looks like the Rangers are beginning to purge their roster of fringe pitchers. Two day after granting Kameron Loe his unconditional release, the Rangers today traded away RP Wes Littleton to the Boston Red Sox for the always entertaining, future considerations. Seriously, what the hell are future considerations anyway?

After impressing Rangers brass during his first stint with the Rangers, Littleton has failed to impress largely because of his low strikeout rate and inability to pitch in Arlington (surprise, surprise!). Littleton is known for his drop down motion, which induces his fair share of ground balls. This could potentially make him useful to the Red Sox, but Littleton needs to prove that he can strike people out.

As for the Rangers, chalk this one up to "needs a change of scenery." I think that Rangers need to be aggressive in changing the mindset of the entire pitching staff and cleaning house is actually a good thing for the entire organization. Sorta like riding the Wonka Factory of all those bad eggs. Next up, CJ Wilson, Scott Feldman, Luis Mendoza, Kevin Millwood, Vincente Padilla, and the list goes on and on....That's alot of bad eggs.

Once again, have fun with this group, Mike Maddux.

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