Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Great Moment in Gloating

Ladies and Gentleman, I was damned close.

Only $4 million dollars off! (Should I be proud of this....?)

Ryan Dempster Contract (Jorge Says No! Projection)

Actual Ryan Dempster Contract (According to ESPN.com)

(Pats self on the back...)

Overall, I like this move for both parties. If Dempster continues to pitch like he did in 2008, then the Cubs will be very happy with this deal. If he regresses, then it's only a three year commitment because the fourth year is an option.

And how many people before the 2008 season would have guessed that Ryan Dempster would command a $52 million dollar contract on the open market? This marks an incredible turnaround for Dempster, who only a season ago was the Cubs struggling closer.

This contract confirms what all of us already know: starting pitching is going to be mighty expensive this offseason. It's a good time to be CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, Oliver Perez, and Derek Lowe. Ch-Ching.
(Photo: LA Times)

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