Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hypothetically Speaking: Rickey Henderson and the HOF

Random thought of the day: Let's say in the year 2011, the Athletics call Rickey Henderson and offer him a spot on the 25 man roster because they are in dire need of speed and Rickey-isms. Now, we all know that Rickey would not turn that offer down no matter how old he is and no matter how many years he has been away from baseball.

Does the hall of fame have any rules against this? Would Rickey Henderson be kicked out of the hall of fame?



lar said...

I don't think they'd do anything to him. Jim Palmer tried to make his comeback after he had already been inducted to the Hall of Fame and I don't think there were any calls to kick him out. I could be wrong, though (I was still fairly young).

Bill said...

Wow, lar beat me to it.

Nobody had any thought that he'd be kicked out of the Hall. There's a Boston Herald article from March 11, 1991 (which I can't get a full copy of without paying for it) that joked about the Hall having to trash a perfectly good plaque...but to update the statistics, not to throw him out of the museum. :)

Bill said...

Not sure if that very long link is usable in that

jorgesaysno said...

Sweet. I had no idea that Palmer tried to make a comeback. That's what's fun about writing a blog, you always learn new things.

My only point remaining is this: Palmer never actually made it back. Rickey could set a precedent by coming back and he would set off a media field day if he returned.

Anyone else want to see Rickey return?

Poker said...


Riddering said...

As I drove into work this morning I was pondering this question, only I want Rickey back in pinstripes.

C'mon, Rickey. We need another outfielder and Jeter is creeping up on your steals record here.

jorgesaysno said...

If rickey came back to the bronx...I might have to become a yankee fan

Jack said...

Josh, next time your over, remind to to tell you Deb & my Rickey stories. We got a when he tried to pick Deb up and take her to his hotel...about asking us to give him a "haircut".

Just remind me.