Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Should the Mets Fire Omar Minaya? (Part II)

Only a few days ago, we discussed whether or not the Mets should fire GM Omar Minaya in light of the Mets disappointing campaign so far and dysfunction of Tony Bernazard. While the argument to fire Omar was certainly compelling, I reached the conclusion that the Mets should give Minaya another year to right the ship.
Verdict: I say no. I've been as frustrated by the Mets as anyone, but I just cannot bring myself to fire Minaya with so many injuries hanging over his head. I think he deserves another year (at least) to right the ship.
However, after today's incident with Adam Rubin, it looks Minaya is steering the Mets sinking ship right into an iceberg. Minaya's attack on Rubin was uncalled for, childish, outlandish, repulsive, and downright shocking. I cringe every time I watch the replay of the Mets GM basically accusing the Mets best beat writer of scheming to get Tony Bernazard fired so that he could eventually take the position.

Downright pathetic.

The worst part of this whole ordeal for me is that this is the same old Mets. Another day, another drama. What I liked so much about Omar initially was that he was a breath of fresh air and made me forget about the chaotic Mets of old.

From Willie Randolph last year to Adam Rubin this year, Minaya's behavior and lack of understanding has undermined the Mets performance on the field.

Obviously, the Minaya honeymoon seems like a decade ago. The chaos is back. The fans' embarrassment is back. Same old Mets.

It's difficult for me to make the case right now that the Mets should NOT fire Omar Minaya. The incident embarrassed the franchise and exposed the front office as crazier and more dysfunctional than all of us thought. This is not the way a professional organization should be run. Period. No matter what the Mets do from here on out, it will be difficult for the Mets to justify keeping Minaya around given how much he has embarrassed the organization and failed to right the sinking ship.

(Note: I say embarrased over and over again in this piece. As a Met fan, you get the idea how I feel about this situation.)

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Bill said...

"Embarrassed" is definitely the word.
I don't see how anybody can make a case not to fire him anymore. I think if I were in charge, there would be an empty box for his things waiting for him on his desk by the time he got back after that disaster of a press conference.