Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Adios, Luis Ayala

As much as it pains me to say this, Luis Ayala will not be the Mets closer in 2009. Tear, tear.

Anyone upset? Anyone at all? (Crickets chirping) Ok well....

THE METS GOT K-ROD!!!!!! (it looks very very good right now)

According to ESPN.com, the Mets and K-Rod are closing in on a 3 year/$37 million dollar pact. And I could not be happier. Sure, sure this move will great for the team and all that jazz, but I'm thinking long term, about my health. I honestly cannot take another year of a shameful, pathetic, and feeble bullpen blowing every lead in sight. My fragile heart can only take so much pain and anguish.

If K-Rod can bring some stability and much needed dominance to the ninth inning, he will be more popular in Queens than Vincent Chase.

So welcome aboard K-Rod, hope you got a lot of saves left in that arm. Oh yeah, bring the enthusiasm too, lots of it.

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