Thursday, December 11, 2008

Open Forum: I Need Your Opinions!

As I attempt to further the progression of Jorge Says No!, I need to get some feedback from you, the readers. Feedback is obviously a crucial part of what this website and I'd like to hear some opinions about from you. Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it!

-What do you like about the website?

-Do you like the content?

-Is there anything you don't like about the website?
What can I improved upon?

-Where did you hear about the website from?

-Any other sort of comments or feedback that you'd like to add would be great.

Please leave all feedback in the comments section.Thanks for your continued support of Jorge Says No! Hope you enjoy it!


1 comment:

Evan said...

Your site is great, I the analysis of the moves made are great. Keep it up!