Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Francisco Rodriguez Should Have Taken a One Year Deal

If I am Paul Kinzer, the agent of Francisco Rodriguez, I am kicking myself today. It should have been a jovial day, given the fact that your prized client Francisco Rodriguez signed with my beloved New York Mets today.

However, the terms of the deal were rather unimpressive. I understand that the current economic climate seriously hindered your chances to land the huge contract for K-Rod, but settling on a three year deal was stupid in my eyes.

This market had no advantages for Rodriguez. Not only was there a dearth of closers available, but only one team (the Mets!) was in dire need of a top flight closer. Kinzer had no chance to build up a market because there was no competition for Rodriguez's services. Because of this, Kinzer was never fully able to play up the fact that Rodriguez is one of the best closers in the game and he is only 26. The best years of his career and conceivably still ahead of him.

With a one year deal in hand, Rodriguez could have come back onto the market after the 2009 season, hopefully a successful one, and prayed that the economic conditions improved. At worst, he would sign a contract similar to the one the Mets gave him, while the best case scenario is that some team handsomely rewards Rodriguez with the lavish contract he and Kinzer hoped he would get this year (5 year/$75 mil).

There is always the concern that guys will get hurt and miss out on potential dollars by taking short term deals, but this market was horrible. Rodriguez had no chance to receive the lucrative long term deal he coveted. Hell, even Francisco Cordero got a bigger contract than K-Rod! Kinzer should have bailed out on free agency, taken the one year deal, and rebooted for free agency in 2009.

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