Monday, December 8, 2008

Tigers on the Prowl

After last night's Gerald Laird extravaganza, the Tigers have followed that up today by signing Adam Everett to be their starting shortstop. This is only a one year pact, which means that Everett is likely a stop gap for the tigers until they find a better option in the future.

I think this is a fantastic move.

As I said last night, the Tigers do not need any more offense and every move they make this off season should focus on the other aspects of their ball club that need improvements: namely pitching and defense.

Sure enough, Everett is a fantastic defensive shortstop who will offer up stability to the middle of the Tigers infield (stability...that word sounds familiar). Everett cannot hit at all, but this should not concern the Tigers, who are loaded hitting wise.

With shortstop and catcher now filled, the Tigers can focus on the area of the ball club that needs the most assistance: pitching. Kudos to GM Dave Dombrowski for getting these two deals done quickly, putting his limited resources to good use. Now go get some pitching and a quality closer (JJ Putz?), and call it a day.

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