Wednesday, December 10, 2008

C.C. You in NY, LeBron

For all the hoopla surrounding the huge $160 million dollar contract given to CC Sabathia, the real story that benefits both Mets and Yankees fans from this deal is obvious, especially considering the friendship between Sabathia and the King....

LeBron in 2010!

If CC Sabathia has anything to do with LeBron coming to the Knicks in 2010, the $160 million the Yankees spent on him today will have been well worth it. And this is coming from a Met fan.

(Note: You know what's funny, LeBron is the best player in basketball today, but there is NO chance that he will ever sign a contract as big as Sabathia's. Gotta love the NBA salary cap and max contracts!)

(photo: Bleacher Report)


She-Fan said...

Nice blog, Josh. Thanks for stopping by Confessions of a She-Fan today. Interesting turn of events in Vegas with more to come.

Josh said...

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