Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kansas City Signs Farnsworth(less)...Huh?

The Royals signed Kyle "Farnsworthless" Farnsworth to a 2 year/$9.25 million dollar deal last night.

Keep laughing Yankee fans, you know I am.

And yes folks, you did read right, Kyle Farnsworth got a two year deal. Somehow in this horrible economic climate, Farnsworth is the guy who gets the ridiculous contract. How the hell did that happen?

It's not like two years is a lot of time or that $9 million bucks is a ton of cash, but really Dayton Moore? Did you look at Farnsworth's stats over the past few seasons? This is a guy who has produced an ERA under 4 only once in the last five seasons and whose WHIP has increased in every season since 2005.

Oh, and did I mention that he cannot pitch on back to back days?

Where is the upside in this signing? I know, I know, Dayton Moore wants stability in his bullpen after trading away Ramon Ramirez and Leo Nunez, but there are better guys available, who do not require this kind of commitment (Jesus Colome, Guillermo Mota, Luis Ayala). Hell, I didn't even think Farnsworth required two years, but Dayton Moore made it happen.

I guess this proves the point that you have to overpay to get guys to play in Kansas City. But when you have to overpay Kyle Farnsworth to play in KC, that's just sad. I really doubt that Farnsworth offers up the stability that Dayton Moore craves. Farnsworth is a hard thrower who likes to nibble on the corners and is very hittable. Ask any Yankee fan, they'll tell you that Farnsworth has tremendous stuff, but he has never and will probably never put it all together. Very frustrating.

I tell you this though: I am going to enjoy watching the Kyle Farnsworth/Jose Guillen combination in Kansas City. There is something about these two guys that screams out "oil and water" to me. Have fun with this one Kansas City.


Antone said...

I don't want to hear small market teams like the Royals bitching about big market teams like the Yankees, Mets, and Red Sox anymore after all the dumb moves the Royals have made this offseason. I hope they trade Grienke for Franceour just so I can laugh at them some more! I don't even think their GM understands the game of baseball at this point.

Josh said...

Completely agree with you. There is only so much whining and complaining small market teams can do when the don't spend their money wisely.

I still think Moore has potential as a GM, but several of his moves this off season have been head scratchers.

thanks for the comment!

thrylos98 said...

I think that it has to be the spectacles...

Josh said...

thrylos98: haha, great comment. Fransworth is one funky looking dude huh?

thanks for the comment.