Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Analysis of the Curtis Granderson Blockbuster


Yankees acquire: Curtis Granderson
Diamondbacks acquire:Edwin Jackson, Ian Kennedy
Tigers acquire: Austin Jackson, Max Scherzer, Daniel Schlereth, Phil Coke

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Yankees perspective:
  • potentially great move
  • high upside on Granderson offensively and defensively
  • great contract (3 years/$23.75 million)
  • Able to improve the team dramatically without giving up Joba or Phil Hughes
  • It's always difficult to part with a top prospect like Austin Jackson, but Granderson should/could be worth it
  • Ian Kennedy and Phil Coke are both very replaceable
Conclusion: Very difficult not to like this deal for the Yankees even though they had to part with Austin Jackson. Their offense is more potent (if that's possible) and they have found an all-star caliber centerfielder, who can hit 25-30 HR every year and play solid defense. Is there any reason to think that the Yankees aren't the overwhelming favorite in the AL next season?

Diamondbacks Perspective:
  • Improves the starting rotation if Jackson can put up big numbers
  • Jackson is arbitration eligible and under team control for another two years
  • Should they extend him now?
  • bold move: gave up two of their best young pitchers (Scherzer and Schlereth)
  • This deal adds payroll in 2010
  • Ian Kennedy is a potentially nice find for the back end of the rotation
  • Are the Diamondbacks going for it in 2010?
Conclusion: It seems like the Diamondbacks gave up a lot here unless they are willing to extend Jackson and make a big push for the playoffs in 2010. Their starting rotation is one of the best in baseball if Brandon Webb is healthy, but giving up Scherzer especially has to hurt in the long term (and possibly short term). GM Josh Byrnes is taking a risk with this deal and is clearly demonstrating how high he is on Edwin Jackson.

Tigers Perspective:
  • The Tigers must really be hurting in the wallet
  • Salary relief moving forward
  • Kudos to the Tigers for moving Jackson at his highest point and getting a strong return for Granderson as well even though he's coming off a down season
  • Major coup to acquire Jackson, who should become their everyday centerfielder
  • Major coup to acquire Scherzer, who could become a top of the rotation starter and has dynamic stuff
Conclusion: For Granderson and Jackson, the Tigers were able to get two high ceiling talents, who will be under team control for a LONG TIME (5 years for Scherzer, 6 for Jackson). If either or both of those guys reaches their potential, then this deal will be looked at favorably for the Tigers in years to come. And don't sleep on Coke and Schlereth next year as well- I'd expect both to compete for spots in the Tigers bullpen. There is a very good chance that the Tigers just acquired FOUR players on their 2010 roster. Not too shabby.


Blue Jay Nation said...

Of course this could just be a percusor to a Halliday deal.IE joba and Grunderson for Halliday

Anonymous said...

That's the most ridiculous comment I have ever read on the Yankees.

Anonymous said...

I agree!

Jorge Says No! said...

the chances of the yankees trading Granderson right now are 0.00000%