Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thinking Out Loud: The Nationals, $22 Million, and Aroldis Chapman

As the great Buster Olney pointed out this morning, the Nationals have now spent $22 million dollars this winter on the following free agents:
  • Jason Marquis (2 years/$15 million)
  • Ivan Rodriguez (2 years/$6 million)
  • Scott Olson (1 year/$1 million)
With that figure in mind, who would you rather have: those three players (Marquis, Rodriguez, Olson) or Aroldis Chapman, should he command the expected total of $15-$20 million dollars to sign?

If Chapman would sign for somewhere in the $15-$20 million dollar range, I'd have to choose him over those three based on Chapman's high upside and potential.

Your thoughts?


Mr.Only4TheReal said...

That is very debatable. What if he ends up like Hideki Irabu & you stuck with an unproductive guaranteed contract. At least the players they signed are solidified. You know Pudge will work hard and produce, not looking for a 1999 Pudge but he will serve his primary purpose. Marquis isn't frontline by any means, but he will be their EVERY 5th day and be pretty solid. Scott Olson is a couple years removed from a stellar season with the Marlins give him a chance for a lot less $ than Chapman who isn't even MLB ready yet. Chapman would be great for the long term but the signings they made will make them better in 2010. Strausburg will be in Washington soon....

Jorge Says No! said...

The thought of Strasburg and Champman should be enough to excite Nationals fans. Sure the duo is a risk, but teams like the Nationals rarely have the chance to acquire two high level talents that can really put the Nationals in a great spot in the future.

Of course, that statement is pending on Strasburg and Chapman living up to their potential...