Friday, December 11, 2009

Analysis of the Mike Lowell Trade

And just like that, the Red Sox have become players for Adrian Beltre. Oh how nice it must be to have money to burn.

Red Sox acquire: Max Ramirez

Rangers acquire:
Mike Lowell, $9 million (roughly)

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Red Sox Perspective
  • acquire a intriguing, young catching prospect
  • Finally get rid of Mike Lowell
  • Frees up space for the Sox to go after Adrian Beltre
Conclusion: About time. It became crystal clear that the Red Sox were not comfortable moving forward with Mike Lowell as their everyday 2010 third baseman and it was simply a matter of finding a team that wanted him. I'm sure the Red Sox aren't too thrilled about paying such a large portion of Lowell's contract, but their payroll allows them to make moves like this and still have payroll flexibility to go after the best third baseman on the market. And don't sleep on Max Ramirez either, even though he had a rough year in the minors this year, Ramirez is a interesting prospect because of his power potential.

Rangers Perspective
  • acquire a solid, power hitting, right handed bat
  • Only pay $3 million of Lowell's salary
  • Did not have to trade a upper echelon prospect to acquire Lowell
  • Adds another veteran presence to the clubhouse
Conclusion: The Rangers took advantage of the Red Sox's desire to move Lowell by getting the Red Sox to pay for 75% of Lowell's contract. Obviously Lowell's injury history was a concern for the Rangers and as a result, they are set to pay Lowell just $3 million this season. This is another move by GM Jon Daniels that demonstrates his belief that the Rangers can compete in 2010 and you have to give him credit for working within his means to acquire Lowell at a price the team could afford.

But make no mistake about it, the reason this deal got done is because the Red Sox were willing to pick up such a large portion of Lowell's salary.

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