Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Third Year for Randy Wolf?

I fully expected Randy Wolf to get at least a three year deal, but I'm shocked that the Brewers are willing to give him a third year. Take it away tweeting Jon Heyman:
right on the money. the crew offers 3 yrs. RT @ed_price: Hearing #Brewers closing in on 3-year deal with LHP Randy Wolf.
The problem to me is that while Wolf might pan out for the Brewers throughout the duration of the contract, there's no doubt that this deal has huge financial implications in regards to Prince Fielder. It's apparent that the Brewers don't think that they can sign Prince when his deal expires after the 2011 season because of this offer to Randy Wolf.

Case in point: if the Brewers only have a $80 million dollar payroll moving forward, then they will have roughly 1/8th of that committed to Randy Wolf. If the Brewers are going to extend Prince Fielder long term, it would probably take around $20 million annually to lock up Prince, which is around 1/4th of their total payroll.

Now does anyone actually think that the Brewers would feel comfortable moving forward with 3/8ths of their payroll committed to just two players, one of whom has routinely put up ERAs of a least 4 throughout his career? I doubt it.

A two year deal for Wolf would have made him a free agent after the 2011 season along with Fielder, which would have opened up another $10 million or so for the Brewers to try and make a run at re-signing Prince. However, if the Brewers sign Wolf, then that option would be gone.

So look for the Brewers to go for it this year and next. It's becoming crystal clear that Prince Fielder's future with the Brewers is shaky at best after 2011, so I'd expect GM Doug Melvin to put the best possible team out there, even if it costs the Brewers in the future. If the Brewers win in either of the next two years, then it's totally worth it, but risky nonetheless.

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