Monday, December 7, 2009

"Overwhelming" the Royals for Gil Meche

Just days after Gil Meche's name was floated out there as a potential trade chip, comes this tweet from Bob Dutton:
#Royals RHP Gil Meche's name drawing a lot of trade buzz at meetings, but Royals say they would need to be "overwhelmed" to make a deal
Given that the Royals are looking for either young players or salary relief, what exactly would make the Royals feel "overwhelmed" enough to pull the trigger and trade Gil Meche?

Here are some ideas:

A. Pick up all of Meche's salary

B. Give the Royals some quality prospects in return for Meche

C. Give the Royals some salary relief in the future

Because Meche is owed $24 million dollars over the next two years, I seriously doubt that any team would willing pick up all his salary especially because he is coming off an injury and there are cheaper options on the free agent market. Cross off option A.

Because Meche is coming off an injury plagued season, I can't see any team parting with top prospects for Meche. Cross off option B.

Which leads me back to option C. Even though this option might not be beneficial for the Royals in the short term, the long term benefit for the Royals is both beneficial and realistic. The best way to overwhelm the Royals in a deal for Meche is to provide them with as much salary relief as possible for the future, which probably means that the Royals will have to take on a less desirable piece in the short term.

And yes, I do think the Royals should trade Gil Meche to the Brewers for Jeff Suppan. Using this logic, that deal makes total sense and in my eyes would "overwhelm" the Royals.

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