Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hypothetically Speaking: Would You Trade Luis Castillo for Eric Byrnes?

As we all know by now:

-The Mets are looking to move Luis Castillo and the 2 years/$12 million owed to him even though he had a very productive 2009 season

-The Diamondbacks are interested in trading Eric Byrnes, who has been a major bust since signing a 3 year/$30 million dollar extension with the Diamondbacks.

With those needs in mind, let's make a deal.

Here is the (hypothetical) offer on the table:

Mets trade Luis Castillo to the Arizona Diamondbacks for OF Eric Byrnes

Would you do it? Let's lay out the pros and cons for each side:

Why the Mets would do it:
-get rid of Luis Castillo!
-finally able to pursue free agent Orlando Hudson
-If Byrnes is healthy, he can be a dynamic player and a vocal leader on the Mets
-Save $6 million in 2011

Why the Diamondbacks would do it:
-Castillo fills a need for them at second base
-Finally unload Byrnes's horrific contract
-Save $5 million in 2010

********** *************

Why the Mets wouldn't do it:
-Are they getting enough in return?
-Adding $5 in 2010 payroll

Why the Diamondbacks wouldn't do it:
-Do they really want Luis Castillo, who is aging, offers no power, and is a defensive liability?
-Adds $6 million in 2011 salary

*********** **********


If the Diamondbacks can get back Castillo and not have to pay a lick of Byrnes's 2010 salary, then I'm confident they would make this deal. There is simply too much in their favor to turn it down. Castillo would be a nice fit in their lineup and yes, his defense does stink, but his consistency at the plate should be a plus for the Diamondbacks young hitters. What I'm skeptical about is if the Mets are willing to take on Eric Byrnes, add $5 million to the 2010 payroll in the process, and then commit another $10-$15 million dollars to sign Orlando Hudson, who happens to be a type A free agent. Taking on Byrnes would be a risk because of his injury history and the Mets would have to be certain that he is healthy and ready to play. This trade would finally free the Mets of Luis Castillo and allow them to seriously look into trading Angel Pagan.tml


Kellia Ramares said...

Being both an Eric Byrnes fan and a Mets fan, I have to say that this is a great idea. I know the Mets were looking at Byrnes at the end of '04 but could swing a deal with at A's. I don't think the Mets should be too worried about Byrnesie's "injury history". He injured his hammies in '08, but when I saw him in SF in Sept '09, he was running normally. The injury in 09 was a freak accident--breaking his hand because he got hit by a pitch--that can happen to anyone at anytime. But again, in Sept. he said he was finally healthy. His going to the Mets could be a great idea for him and the team IF the Mets are going to play him as a regular. Stats show that is when Byrnesie performs best. He's not a good pinch hitter. Teaming him back up with Orlando Hudson, for whom I know he has high regard, would give the Mets some dynamic leadership on the field and in the clubhouse.

Jorge Says No! said...


And lemme just say, the Mets need a spark in the clubhouse as far as leadership is concerned. that dynamic alone does not make Brynes worth $11 million, but it certainly can help the Mets moving forward.