Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Analysis of the Kevin Millwood Trade

Not a blockbuster, but still plenty of questions to be asked.

Orioles acquire: Kevin Millwood
Rangers acquire: Chris Ray, $3 million

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Orioles Perspective:
  • Gives the Orioles a legitimate front line starting pitcher
  • Good bet to give the Orioles 180-200 IP
  • Leader for the Orioles young pitchers?
  • One year commitment
Conclusion: I'm still not sure how much I like this deal for the Orioles, but for $9 million dollars and only a one year commitment, I think the Orioles are viewing Millwood as a short term ace, who can give the young pitchers leadership and boost the team with a large number of innings pitched. I think the Orioles could have spent that $9 million dollars better and with a more specific focus aimed directly at their future, but Millwood should suffice, I suppose.

Rangers Perspective:
  • frees up money for them to go after free agents
  • Save roughly $9 million this season
  • Sell high on Millwood because of his good 2009 season, allows them to save money moving forward
  • If the Rangers can get anything productive out of Chris Ray at this point, that's just gravy.
Conclusion: We immediately see the fruits of this deal as the Rangers have used the Millwood savings to go out there are sign Rich Harden. Basically, this deal turns into Rich Harden, Chris Ray, and $3 million dollars for Kevin Millwood. If Harden is healthy, I'd take the Rangers side any day.

Then again, that's an awfully big IF.

(UPDATE: Did the Rangers actually sign Harden?)

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