Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Who Will Land Milton Bradley?

This teaser comes from Gordon Wittenmyer:
"The Cubs appear close to trading Milton Bradley to a "surprise" American League team, said a source with knowledge of the process.

The deal is said to be "three-quarters done" and could be completed tonight.

It involves a three-team deal in which the Cubs would receive a player who would then need to be flipped to another team, but it's doesn't involve the long-rumored Tampa Bay Rays.

The other team closely tied to the Bradley rumors—Texas—is also out of the picture, said the source."
Hmmm...what AL team hasn't been linked to Bradley? At this point, it seems like every single one of them has been. So in the spirit of guessing, here are my top two "sleeper" choices:

1. Mariners: I thought Bradley and the Mariners would be a good fit back in September, and I still think he makes a lot of sense for the Mariners. The key of course is keeping Milton sane and healthy, which will in turn help him be a productive run producer at the plate. Plus the M's have Carlos Silva to deal straight up for Bradley....

2. Orioles: GM Andy McPhail has stated multiple times that the team needs a impact hitter and Bradley would fit the mold as his DH. The plus side of Bradley: he would be a great fit behind Markakis and Jones in the lineup and would not require top prospects. The down side: do you really want Milton Bradley around a young Orioles team?

***Where do you think Milton Bradley will land?***

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