Monday, December 7, 2009

The Market for Juan Pierre

This tweet from Steve Henson suggests that maybe, just maybe, the Dodgers might have some suitors for Juan Pierre and the 2 years/$18.5 million left on his contract:
"The Dodgers have 3-4 teams interested in $ Juan Pierre and a 3-team deal is being explored to get L.A. a bad-contract starter in return."
So what teams are out there that could be interested in the notoriously untradeable Juan Pierre? Let's take a look:

Mets: Pierre could be a fit here in a swap for Luis Castillo, but one has to ponder if the Dodgers would actually want Castillo and if the Mets need more power than Pierre is able to bring. The obvious advantage to this deal is that the Dodgers likely would not have to pick up any of Pierre's contract and would save money in the long term. No pitcher in return for the Dodgers though.

Pirates: Apparently they have interest, but they are lacking the "bad contract starter" that the Dodgers expect to receive in return for Pierre. Very unlikely scenario because the Dodgers would have to pick up most of Pierre's salary.

Tigers: The Tigers have plenty of bad starting pitcher contracts to trade (Robertson, Bonderman, Willis) so it's conceivable that the Dodgers might have a match for Pierre. The only problem is that the Dodgers would actually be taking on salary in 2010 if they acquired Bonderman or Willis because Pierre's salary is lower. The good news for the Dodgers is that while Pierre has two years remaining on his contract, all of those guys have one, which means the Dodgers will save $8.5 million in 2011! Robertson would seem like the logical choice to be moved here, but do the Dodgers actually have interest? And would the Tigers play Pierre everyday in left field?

White Sox: Sure, he's not a starter, but a deal straight up for Scott Linebrink would work. The White Sox are in need of a leadoff hitter and Pierre would seem to fit the mold nicely, however, you have to wonder if the Dodgers are actually interested in the 2 years/$10.5 million owed to Linebrink and if the Dodgers would need to pick up any of Pierre's salary.

Reds: The Reds have been looking to deal Aaron Harang for a while now and a swap for Juan Pierre would seem to be a good move for both sides. Harang's 2010 contract is a tad bit higher than Pierre's, but he would be a nice middle of the rotation starter for the Dodgers. The Reds would love to get rid of Harang's contract, but it remains to be seen if the Reds have room in the outfield for Juan Pierre and if they are willing to take on the 2 years/$18.5 million owed to him.

***What other teams do you think will be interested in Juan Pierre? Will the Dodgers trade Pierre?****

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