Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Cliff Floyd I Know

Don't know how I missed this on Sunday, but the Rays deactivated Cliff Floyd from their postseason roster because of a sore right shoulder. I'm not surprised in the slightest bit. I love watching Floyd play because:

a. he played harder than any player I've ever seen
b. His swing was absolutely vicious. He smoked balls.
c. The moonball. Wow did his homers go far.
d. He looked like a 60 year old man running the bases. Rays fans know what I'm talking about.

During his tenure with the Mets, somehow Floyd was always injured (besides 2005). Cliffy was never on the field consistently and just when he appeared to hit his stride, his bad knees, back, or hamstrings would miraculously act up. It's like the baseball Gods constantly wanted to tease Floyd (and Mets fans). It's only fitting that Floyd's Mets tenure ended with Floyd reduced to pinch hitting duties in the NLCS because of his hamstring and other various ailments.

I'm pissed that Floyd won't be able to play anymore in the Series because I really thought he was going to have his big moment a la Matt Stairs. Watching Floyd celebrate like a child in a massive dog pile was one of my main motivations for watching game 5. A potential classic moment is now gone. Now all I can hope for is for Floyd to be healthy enough to play cheerleader in the dugout for the young Rays. A World Series ring would be a fitting end to Floyd's somewhat tortured career. Make it happen, Rays.


Anonymous said...

They didn't have a chance.


Josh said...

Unfortunately not. How great would a Rays title have been though? I know I would have loved it. Hopefully Cliff decides to play another year, he's still got something left!

thanks for the comment,

mysportslessons said...

Too young for that big of a stage...

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