Sunday, October 12, 2008


The more I think about the Mets collapse/failure/horror show this season, the more I have seen my disappointment fade away. Yes it still stings, hurts, kills; but there are several aspects about this Mets team that diminishes my disappointment. Maybe it's all of the injuries that this team had to deal with all year, or maybe it's the inconsistent play during the entire season, or maybe it's the HORRENDOUS bullpen, or perhaps it's just that this collapse wasn't as bad as the 2007 collapse. I can now sleep calmly at night, no longer cursing the thought of Tom Glavine giving up 7 runs in 0.1 innings in game 162. The fact is that this Mets team fought hard for the entire season, but they were a flawed, very flawed, team (Luis Ayala is our closer!)

That realization has brought a breath of fresh air into my thinking. For all you Cubs and Angels fans out there, how disappointed are you in your team right now? By my guess, your probably more disappointed that I am in the Mets. Your team teased you for the entire season because of their great play and then before you could really open your eyes, boom, they were eliminated. These teams were not flawed, they were favorites.

A for a team like the Yankees, who made the playoffs for 12 straight seasons, their fans have to be disappointed in the outcome of the season. Given the amount of money the Yankees spent this season, there is no excuse for not making the playoffs. But for a team like the Marlins, their fans have no right to be disappointed because the team overachieved so much. And wait, the Marlins have fans???

And so I ask you, the readers, how disappointed are you in your team? And why? Please list your team name and try to explain a little why your bitter/disappointed/frustrated/aggravated/upset/annoyed/pissed/etc.

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