Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Message to the Higher Being

Dear Lord,

I'm not even sure at this point if you're a baseball fan, but I figured I'd write to you anyway. As you should know, the Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series in the past 100 years and they are on the verge of elimination at the hands of the Los Angeles Dodgers. One hundred years is a long time for these people to suffer God. Can the Cubs please win...just once? You see God, I am not a Cubs fan, I am instead a Cubs sympathizer. My New York Mets have disappointed me and beaten me down many times of the years (239 to be exact), but what these poor Cubs fans have to go through every year is just plain torture. And what's not to like about these people God? Their loyal, energetic, and passionate fans despite all of their team's struggles and after 100 years, that's damn impressive. The reality of the situation is that the Cubs 2008 season is on the brink of ending and Cubs fans are on the brink of joining Met fans in "keeping sharp objects away from us in the winter." We Met fans welcome all kinds of fans into our torture club, but I don't want to accept Cubs fans. I want to see them win (the World Series) or at least give some hope to these people who have believed (and continue to believe) for so long.

So let's see something amazing happen God, over these next 3 games, and hopefully throughout the rest of the playoffs. Cubs fans will be counting on you. And Mets fans (like me!) will be living through Cubs fans. So please, give us something to believe!

Thanks again,

P.S: Mets in 2009....I can start early, right God?

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