Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Key to the Series: Jayson Werth

Who knew that Jayson Werth would have such a huge impact this season? And as a number three hitter? I never woulda guessed. But the reality is that Werth has been superb for the Phillies in right field in 2008 and has been vital to the success of their lineup. Werth has hit .273 with 24 homers this season in only 418 ABs. Furthermore, Werth has hit .303 against lefties, which is exactly what the doctor ordered for the Phillies.
While Utley and Howard are great, they are both left handed and need to have a righty in between them to separate them. That's where Werth fits in. As the #3 hitter, he will have to come through in the clutch especially when teams decide to either:

1. Walk Utley in front of him
2. Bring in a lefty (Brian Shouse!) to face Utley and Howard

If Werth cannot come through in this series, then the Phillies will struggle to win because the rest of their offense (outside of the big two) has been very inconsistent this season. Werth's importance has been magnified even more because of the injury to Pat Burrell, who might miss some time because of back issues. I think Werth will have a big series and feast off of any lefties that the Brewers throw at the Phillies.

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