Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Random Thoughts: More Playoffs!

-Jason Varitek, your best days are clearly behind you. I mean, clearlyyyy. I don't know why, but his bat speed has slowed terribly from the left side and he is basically an automatic out.

-Kevin Youkilis, Dustin Pedroia, and Jason Bay have carried the Red Sox so far in the ALCS. But if they are going to win, Jacoby Ellsbury, David Ortiz, and JD Drew will have to step up.

-Was I the only person pulling for Terry Francona to pull Jon Lester after 4 IP? I know this sounds stupid, but I would rather have Lester save his stuff (whatever he has left) for a potential game 6 start, than having him try and will his way through.

-However, after watching Paul Byrd labor through the final 3 innings, I can see why Francona stayed with Lester for as long as he did.

-2008 playoffs=the BJ Upton coming out party. How immensely talented is this guy? Not only is he one of the fastest players in baseball, but Upton can flat out hit. But he needs to get his act together on the bases, that play at second base yesterday was despicable.

-Matt Garza delivered everything that Scott Kazmir could not. He was electric, dynamic, and dominant when it mattered most and the Red Sox had absolutely no chance to muster up a comeback against him. Even when runners were on base, I had no confidence in the Red Sox coming back. When Garza is on, he is as good as anyone.

-Even though he went hitless again yesterday, I think Jacoby Ellsbury is due for a big game 5. He looked better in game 4 (he actually hit the ball hard!) and he remains the key to the Sox offense.

-I officially hate Matt Stairs (more on that later). I'm bitter.

-With that said, Stairs homer was eerily similar to the majestic and stunning homer that Albert Pujols hit off of Brad Lidge in 2005. Both homers were absolute no doubters and both left me cursing at my TV.

-Also, Shane Victorino is quickly turning into the Charles Oakley of the Phillies. For some reason, he always comes up with a big hit or great catch to help the Phillies win a game. He does the little things well in big spots. A true rare breed of player and a guy that would love to have on my team. With that said, I still hate Shane Victorino. I'm very bitter.

-I have no qualms with Joe Torre brining in Jonathan Broxton in the 8th inning. I like having your best pitcher pitching when the game is on the line.

-With that said, starting Derek Lowe in game 4 was pure desperation. If the Dodgers had faith in Clayton Kershaw, or had Brad Penny or Jason Schmidt, then there is no way that the Dodgers are forced to pitch Lowe on short rest. He looked tired last night as he dragged through 5 innings. Still, I can't wait to see him pitch in game 7.

-The Dodgers are not dead yet. And neither are the Red Sox. But I still don't think either team has the ability to come back. Just not feeling it.

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