Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Random Thoughts

-Anyone else hate the TBS schedule for the division series? Can we start these games at a normal time...please? 5 PM on a weekday is not my cup of tea...

-I will never watch FrankTV...ever. Thanks for ODing yet again on the ads TBS.

-(Warning: Mets bias) On the plus side, TBS...more Ron Darling! As far a commentary goes, Darling is as good as it gets in the business and he's an absolute delight to listen too.

-Red Sox=Dynasty. What a mix of young talent and veterans. Who needs Manny? How about this for a core: Ellsbury, Pedoria, Masterson, Lowrie, Mastsuzaka, and Lester. Oh yeah, I didn't even mention Beckett (FA in 2010) or Buchholz (stuck in AAA).

-What's up with Rich Harden? Diminished velocity is a bad sign for a guy with his injury history. Will the Cubs pick up his option? Not if there is colassal damage in that right arm.

-No more Corey Patterson! Wooooooooooooooo, Reds fans!

-Money player=Mark Teixiera. Easily the best offensive player for the Angels during the Division Series and made a fantastic catch at first to save the Angels season in the 9th inning (temporarily). Whichever team lands Tex is going to be lucky, this dude is a stud.

-Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye! Francisco Rodriguez! I think its doubtful that the Angels will spend $15 mil on a closer when they already have studs in the bullpen. Two words: Arre-dondo. (Note: K-Rod...we would love to see you close at Citi Field....just please, go easy on Omar in the negotiations)
-Please stay away Curt Schilling. Yes you had a great career and yes, I think you are a hall of famer. But wow are you annoying. If you retire, please stay off the radio/TV/Internet/telegraph for the time being. And to the media: please do not attempt to contact Mr. Schilling. Same goes for Jeff Kent. Stay away.

-Prediction time:
Rays in seven
MVP: Evan Longoria
Unheralded MVP: Chad Bradford
Guy to watch out for: Mark Kotsay
Potential Goat: Javier Lopez

Dodgers in five
MVP: James Loney
Unheralded MVP: Casey Blake
Guy to watch out for: Jayson Werth
Potential Goat: Pat Burrell

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