Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Clutcher than Clutch

While Bug Selig and the rain ultimately dominated last night's game 5, to me, the most underrated storyline was the two out opposite field single by Carlos Pena. Pena, who had been struggling mightily throughout most of this series, was at the plate with BJ Upton on second, with the Rays down 2-1, and the rain pouring down. Oh yeah, and the Phillies had their ace lefty, Cole Hamels, on the mound. Pena must've had some idea that if this run doesn't score, then the game might never start back up again (Since the two teams played 4.5 innings last night, the game was official).

So with that backdrop, Pena delivered in a big way. On a 2-2 count, Pena lashed a base hit out to left field that ultimately scored BJ Upton, who had no traction rounding the bases through the large puddles and rain. How huge is that? Knowing that the Rays' magical season could come to an end, Pena came up huge to at least extend the impossible dream for another night, or for another few innings. The pressure of that situation can not be underestimated or unnoticed. Simply put, Pena saved the Rays season.

On a side note, could you imagine what would have happened if this game ended after 5 and a half innings because of rain? I'm sure baseball people would have been enormously pissed, not too mention all the good folks in Tampa. I'm sure the Philly Phaithful would have loved it. If that did happen, this World Series would have lost most of it's luster and good feeling.

(Note to the Commish: Teams need to play all nine innings in the postseason. This is not just a suggestion, but a necessity. Make it happen. Rule change!)


Andrew Vazzano said...

Thank goodness for Carlos Pena.

Anonymous said...

I am glad it went this way. Almost all the Philly fans I know were happy to see that we get a chance to not only win, but prove we should win. Winning by disqualification is not nearly as fun.

By the way, this is Spazzy again. Good to see you put alot of stock in this ^.^. Maybe one or two more comments before I ditch. Ciao!

Josh said...

Well, the Phillies certainly proved it. Even as a Met fan, I have to say that they played well this series and throughout the playoffs. Thank God game 5 didnt end early because of the stupid rain. I still cannot fathom what would have happened if it did...good stuff.

thanks for the comments guys,