Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Key to the Series: Vladimir Guerrero

Well duh! Who else could it be? Vlaaaaaaaaaaaad has a history of coming up small in the big moment by hitting only .167 in the 2004 ALDS and only .200 in last years ALDS. To top it all off, Vlad the Impaler has hit only 1 HR in 40 career post season at bats. That's simply not getting the job done. It's not surprising that in 2005 the Angels advanced all the way to the ALCS in part because Vlad hit .333 during the postseason. As Vlad goes, so go the Angels.

To semi quote the passover seder here, why is this post season different than any other for Vladdddy and the Angels? Because they actually have some power and depth in the lineup. Free agent acquisition Torii Hunter and midseason pickup Mark Teixeira have added both power and consistency to the Angels, which should allow Vlad to relax for the playoffs. The burden is not solely on him this year to produce, but I still don't think the Angels can win with him hitting around the Mendoza line.

Oh yeah, I love the name Vladimir Guerrero. Could you tell?

(Side note: Darren Oliver will have a big series. I just have a hunch)

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