Thursday, October 16, 2008

Phillies Win the Pennant

And I feel sick. Not quite up there with watching the Yankees make the World Series in 1999 and definitely not nearly as bad as watching the Yankees win on OUR field in 2000. But this hurts.

The baseball Gods are sticking a dagger through my Orange and Blue heart. And it hurts, alot. Not just because the Phillies won the pennant, but because I don't think that the Phillies were a better team than the Mets. In fact, I would still take the Mets over the Phillies in a seven game series (Yes, I am a homer!) Ughhh, I hate it.

At this point I am too bogged down with schoolwork and too amped on caffeine to say anything truly insightful, so I'll leave you on this.

Go Rays.

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Anonymous said...

Phillies win! Woo!!! Philadelphia wins after 25 years!

Sorry Jorge, dunno who you are but happened across this. Rays bombed, Phillies win.

Reply if you want I won't be back to see if you do. I doubt I could find this again if I tried.

Anywho, boo you! Yay Phillies! And now I will have a glorious weekend.


25 Years Old and finally get to see Philadelphia win something.