Saturday, October 4, 2008

Random Thoughts

-As of this morning, the Dodgers, Red Sox, Rays, and Phillies all find themselves up two games to none in the division series. They have each played phenomenal baseball (or watched the Cubs play terrible, cough...Dodgers) and have gotten great pitching and quality defense. Very good baseball to watch.

-With that said, I don't think the Cubs or White Sox are dead yet. The Cubs still have tremendous pitching, a great manager, and a scary offense; which could carry them through these next 2 games in Los Angeles. As for the White Sox, it would not surprise me to see the Rays struggle based on their lack of experience in the playoffs. We have seen them get tight down the stretch of the regular season and we'll see if the White Sox can capitalize.

-How good could the White Sox have been with Carlos Quentin in the middle of their lineup? He would have been the difference maker.

-Rich Harden, boy do the Cubs need you to be dominant tonight.

-Manny Ramirez, how good are you? And where can the Mets find one just like him? $$$$$$

-How do the Angels lose to the Red Sox every year? Is it like the curse of Jarrod Washburn or something? There is simply no excuse of the Angels to struggle like they have against the Sox given the fact that they have the best team is baseball and have an advantage in every aspect of the game. If they get swept again by the Red Sox, would that be a choke job? Or just a simple case of the Red Sox having their number? I say choke.

-Good to see you again J.D Drew. Where have you been all this time. Oh, the DL you say, with your friend Rafael Furcal. Good to see you both contributing.

-And Mr. Furcal, big postseason=big payday

-Is it weird hearing Michael Kay call the Phillies v. Brewers games or is it just me?

-There is no doubt in my mind that the execs at MLB are rooting for two things for their TV ratings.
1. Cubs in the World Series (obvious)
2. Red Sox v. Dodgers World Series

-Could you imagine the ratings for that number 2? Between Joe Torre, Manny Ramirez, the Sox, the Dodgers, East Coast, West Coast, Nomar, Lowe, and Andruw Jones (how'd he slip in there?); how could this not be one of the highest rated series of all time? The storylines are endless, big names galore, and both teams have very large followings.

-Anyone else notice how the Dodgers have $80 mil in contracts doing nothing for them during the playoffs? Yup, I'm talking to both of you, Andruw Jones and Juan Pierre.

-With that said, I would absolutely love to see the Rays battle the Brewers in the World Series. Any chance I have to see fans in Tampa go crazy, I will gladly take that opportunity. However, the ratings for this World Series would be very bad unless the Rays are somehow able to draw in millions of people, which they have failed to do over the past 10 seasons. Unfortunately, great story does not equal great ratings.

Youtube Special: Finally I will end on this. This past week has been very difficult for me after the demise of my New York Mets. With that said, this video has made me laugh and smile for no good reason. If you like Amare, you will love this.

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