Thursday, October 23, 2008

Luis Aguayo is No Longer My Homeboy

Sadly, the New York Mets announced today that third base coach Luis Aguayo would be reassigned within the organization (whatever that means) and would no longer be the team's third base coach. I quickly grew fond of Aguayo simply because of his dynamite ability to relay signs (Mets fans know what I'm talking about) and his penchant to viciously wheel runners in from third base. Seriously, there were times where I thought the dude's arm was going to fall off. Aguayo was a very fun third base coach to watch, second only to our beloved Cookie Rojas, who was famously ejected from game 4 of the 1999 NLCS and promptly shoved the umpire. Cooooookie!
I'm very happy to report that the man the Mets hired to replace Aguayo has one of the best names of all time: Razor Shines. Seriously everybody, I think I'm in love already. That's probably the coolest name I have heard since...Cookie Rojas! What is it with these Mets third base coaches and amazing names? (Side note: Cookie Rojas wife is named Candy...I kid you not)

On second though, maybe the loss of Aguayo won't be all that devastating for me. We now have the third base coach with the coolest name in all of baseball...I owe him a shot to win my heart with a fast moving wheel of a right arm.

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Andrew Vazzano said...

Please change your tagline to: Where Razor Shines is always my homeboy.