Thursday, October 2, 2008

Its Game 7....

Just imagine that it is Game 7 of the Championship Series. Your watching the game with your family on some cold fallish night and your filled with optimism. Even though your team has some stiff pitching tonight, you have faith because its game 7, anything can happen! GAME 7, YEAHHHHH, WOOOOOOOOOOOO!! However, by the second inning, its 3-0. And it gets worse, by the fifth inning, its 6-0 and your about to throw your shoe at the TV in frustration.

Your mind begins to wonder about what could have been during game 7. What if we had Johan Santana on the mound? Or Roy Halladay? How bout Brandon Webb?
Would we have won the game? You may never know, but at least as a fan, you would feel confident that a win is within your reach.

And so I ask, if you could pick one starting pitcher to be on the mound from this years playoff teams to pitch a deciding game (game 5-Division Series or game 7-Championship Series), who would you choose?

Here's my list:
1. Josh Beckett
2. CC Sabathia
3. Jon Lester
4. John Lackey
5. Cole Hamels
6. Derek Lowe
7. Daisuke Matsuzaka
8. Carlos Zambrano
9. Jaime Moyer
10. John Danks
11. Rich Harden
12. Ervin Santana, Chad Billingsley (tie)

My list encompasses a combination of ability, performance this season, experience, and most importantly, playoff experience.

I'm looking to hear from you, the readers, whose on your list? Who do you want on the hill when it matters most?


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