Monday, September 8, 2008


I'm not sure how many of you are up on your basketball, but back in 2005, the NBA allowed teams to waive one guy from their roster in order to shave money from the team's luxury tax. Players who were signed to absurd contracts were the likely casualties of the amnsety clause, while teams were able to saves millions of dollars in future payments. Obviously when we relate this to baseball, we have to take in a few factors. First of all, the MLB has no salary cap. Teams can spend as much or as little as they choose too on players, which is an obvious difference from the NBA. Also, there is no luxury tax in the MLB. The luxury tax is the a certain amount that teams have to pay for spending too much money on players. The economics of the NBA are completely different than the economics of the MLB, but that doesn't stop us from examining a hypothetical amnesty provision.

What if your favorite MLB team could waive one player at the end of this season, who would it be? Every team has made a stupid or foolish signing over the past few seasons that have set the franchise back in some way. Could you imagine if that horrible contract was taken off your team's payroll? How great would that be.

We thought this would be a fun concept to look at because there are so many absurd contracts in major league baseball today. With that said, there is absolutely no way the MLB Players Association would ever agree to an amnesty clause.

Jorge Says No! will evaluate hypothetical amnesty casualties by division beginning with the AL East.

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