Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Long Sleepless Ramblings of a New York Met Fan

First off, I apologize for yet another Met-centric post. But ladies and gentlemen, this team is absolutely killing me. Not only are the Mets losing, its the way they lose. It's the torturous, pit in your stomach, they cant seriously blow this can they type of loss. The game is right in our grasps before boom, a greater power takes it away from us. It's kinda like the mouse coming so close to getting the cheese before some smelly and angry cat viciously snipes it away from your little paws. And then to top it all off, the cat laughs at you...over and over again.

Maybe thats a slight exaggeration, but thats unfortunately how I feel. With this team no lead is safe because the bullpen stinks and even when the starter gives you a great start, you have to hope and pray that the offense comes through in the clutch. I pray to any higher power who will listen for a few outs from a beleaguered bullpen or for just one clutch hit in a season of so many missed opportunities. How would you feel having a bullpen comprised of Luis Ayala, Scott Schoenweis, and the pitcher formerly known as Aaron Heilman. Two words: Oy vey. Do I have to mention the twenty-five guys the Mets left on base tonight in 10 innings? That's enough to give me an ulcer! (Hopefully kidding!)
And yes, I am obsessed. It runs in my blood from generation to generation. This team making the playoffs after last years collapse and the struggles of 2008 would mean more to me than it probably should. But hey, thats how much the Mets mean to me. The Mets are my team and even though they are falling faster than Wall Street (maybe not that fast) and I will stick with them even if they blow it again in 2008. However, with that said, please don't blow it again guys.

So I'll be grabbing my Peptobismol, Advil and my lucky Met shirt tonight and hopelessly waiting for a miraculous victory or improbable comeback. Until then I will attempting to sleep and hopefully dream of Luis Ayala throwing his glove 500 feet in the air after we clinch a playoff birth. Because hey, these are the New York Mets, Ya Gotta Believe! (Note to self: keep sharp objects away until Sunday)

(Photo: NYTIMES)

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