Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Collapse II

Oh boy. Here we go again. For those of who haven't noticed, my beloved Mets are now only 1 game ahead in the Wild Card and 2.5 games back of the NL East leading Phillies. While the Mets have probably played themselves out of a division title, they have to pick it up over the next six games if they want to play meaningful October baseball.

But as a fan, I am dying watching the Mets. Not only I have I not recovered from the collapse of 2007, but this one certainly feels like Deja Vu all over again.

1. failing bullpen.
Check. The Mets bullpen has been so bad that it has taken a few years off my life. My heart cannot take it anymore. Whenever I think it can't get any worse, it does. Notice to starting pitchers: go all nine or else I might drop dead.

2. lack of starting pitching depth
Check. The Mets are currently surviving on 3 starting pitchers, a failing Pedro Martinez, and a promising pitcher Jon Niese, who looks more frightened than I did sitting in the Yankee bleachers in a Mets shirt. How can we survive with that? Anyway Johan can pitch every day?
And speaking of injured starters, in 2007, it was Orlando Hernandez who was too injured to start, but came out of the bullpen for the final few games. In 2008, its John Maine...too injured to start so shove him in the pen!

3. clutch hitting
Check. This has been the main weakness of the Mets for the entire season. However, down the stretch, David Wright has been the main culprit. For a guy with 120 RBI, Wright should have about 140 RBI right now if he has hit in the clutch. With this team, there are no big comebacks or season saving base hits. They perform well in the first few innings before going into Derek Bell Operation Shutdown for the next few innings. And how about last night, two double plays with two guys on and none out. Horrible.

4. repetition
Check. As a fan, this is what kills me the most. Over the past two months, it has become evident that guys like Aaron Heilman, Pedro Feliciano, Nelson Figueroa, and Duaner Sanchez have not been effective, but for some reason, Jerry Manuel continues to use and abuse them. Manuel doesn't just use them, he uses them almost every day. Seriously its not bad enough that these guys stink, but now we have to see them all the time? Remeber Jerry, this is September, you have other pitchers (Rincon, Parnell) who are at least worth a look in a big spot. Try something new Jerry, please. This bullpen is horrible...it won't hurt you try something new.
Furthermore, can we please get away from Luis Castillo? The guy is an absolute stiff who has no business playing 2nd base for the Mets right now. And having him bat 7th is just embarrassing. I would take Argenis Reyes/Daniel Murphy at 2nd any day over this guy.

*So to sum it up, the next few days have the potential to be brutal for me. All prayers/condolences are gladly accepted. Lets go Mets.*


hdarvick said...

YOU WRITE: "Over the past two months, it has become evident that guys like Aaron Heilman, Pedro Feliciano, Nelson Figueroa, and Duaner Sanchez have not been effective"

Yesterday's home run was the only earned run given up by Figueroa since his recall from New Orleans in late August. He gave up an unearned run last week when Jose Reyes made a throwing error to put a man on first followed by a single under Castillo's glove that went under Church's glove in right field (Mets won that game 9-5 - their most recent victory).

Josh said...

Totally agree with you. Thats a bad mistake on my part. Maybe its just that I cannot believe that Nelson FIgueroa is being counted on in September. Never thought that would happen.