Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who ya got? Game 163

Prediction time...

Twins 6, White Sox 2

and here's why.

-The Twins have faced John Danks 4 times this season and they have won three of those games.
-Mauer and Morneau are absolute beasts...even against lefties.
-The White Sox offense has been terrible without Carlos Quentin (as has my fantasy team). And I just don't think they will muster up enough quality at bats against the Minnesota pitching.
-To be fair though, Twins SP Nick Blackburn has not been great against the White Sox this season, but for some reason, I think Blackburn will go 5.1 IP and give up 2 ER.
-Michael Cuddyer will have a big hit tonight.
-Ken Girffey Jr. will not.

And plus, I cannot wait to watch Dennys Reyes celebrate with Eddie Guardado in a huge dog pile. Could you imagine that? Maybe thats what I'm actually cheering for.

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