Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bathroom Reads

Well, if all of you out there in blogsville are anything like me, than you'll devour any sort of baseball reading that is fascinating and maybe a bit different. Now, I refuse to post tons of links like Buster Olney, but I will gladly post some columns that I feel I worth it to you, the readers. There is no better way for me to start off my Sunday than to scan the net for the best articles (even some oldies) and I hope you all will enjoy these.

-The NY Daily News discusses the impact of power agent Scott Boras, even after the A-Rod contract debacle last season. A must read for all the Boras haters and for those who despise the economics of baseball.

-And just in case you haven't heard, former AL MVP candidate broke his wrist because of frustration. And he explains himself to USA Today, which makes this piece a must read. Seriously Carlos? Couldn't you kick a water cooler or something? Quentin's injury officially puts a damper of the Sox playoff hopes and absolutely kills my fantasy team.

-Apparently Ivan Rodriguez is money hungry. At least this is what columnist Michael Rosenberg believes and what probably alot of fans do too. But seriously folks, who among us can say that he isn't after the almighty dollar? Probably no one. This is America where capitalism is key and if Pudge thinks he can position himself for a better deal next season by orchestrating a trade, then I say go for it.

-Ever watch an outfielder look completely foolish watching a line drive sail right over his head? Yup, I have too. While this is plenty frustrating, fans have to understand the difficulty that comes with catching a line drive hit right at an outfielder. Which is exactly why the New York Times decided to examine the scientific reason why outfielders struggle so much to catch line drives hit right at them.

-And finally, the immortal Richard Justice examines why the Astros signing their 2008 draft picks is a good move. I know this link is old, but here's why this is important. The Astros have notoriously remained fickle when it comes to signing their top draft picks, which is why they currently have the worst farm system in baseball. Most other franchises would acknowledge the importance of draft picks to the organization (trade bait, cheap players, young talent), but apparently the Astros are the last franchise to catch on. Way to go 'Stros!

-Random Video of the Week: This has nothing to do with baseball, but needs to be viewed by everyone. Dikembe Mutombo, you sir are hilarious.

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