Sunday, September 7, 2008

Go Blue Jays!

If your a Met fan like me, than you will know where I'm coming from with this post. For everyone else out there, this is how a bitter and beat down Met fan acts in regards to a certain team from the Bronx...

Ladies and Gentlemen, the 26 time World Series Champions and greatest sports franchise ever, the New York Yankees, could be in fourth place by the end of today. A Yankee loss coupled with a Blue Jays win would award the Yankees sole possession of fourth place in the AL East for at least one day. The surprising amount of pleasure I get from this stems from the Yankees 12 straight trips to the playoffs and is cemented by that awful, brutal, despicable disaster that was the 2000 World Series. I still have nightmares about it.

In my entire baseball watching career, I have never seen the Yankees in the fourth place this late into the season. That territory is usually reserved for the Orioles or Devil Rays, but maybe not this year. Could the $200 million dollar team finish in fourth? Well, I hope so. So go get 'em Joe Inglett, Marco Scutaro, and Scott Downs...and lets see the Yankees in fourth for once in my (and plenty of others) lifetime.

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