Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Key to the Series: Brian Shouse

In the grand scheme of things, how many times can we honestly say that one reliever (non closer) could alter the outcome of an entire playoff series? Probably more than you think. And my feeling is that the Phillies/Brewers series will come down to one man: LHP Brain Shouse. Shouse is a submarine style left hander who has been fantastic this season getting lefties out (0.93 ERA against lefties this season). And as you all know, the Phillies are armed with two of the best left-handed hitters in the game: Ryan Howard and Chase Utley. Utley has been alright against lefties (.277 BA with 13 HR) while Howard has struggled with a .224 batting average and 14 HRs. I have seen these two look awfully bad against Pedro Feliciano over the past three seasons and I think that Shouse is the key to ending big rallies by getting these two out. If Utley and Howard don't perform (in large part because of Shouse), then the Brewers will win the series. Mark my words.

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