Sunday, September 21, 2008

Who do you trust? Brewers Edition

I would like to personally thank the Milwaukee Brewers. I have been weak over the past few days partially because of the Mets offense, but mainly because of the Mets anemic bullpen. I seriously thought that no team could have it any worse than the Mets. I mean, they have NOBODY who can gets outs on a consistent basis. Lucky for me and the Mets, the Brewers bullpen can't get anyone out either. They accomplish a rare feat by having both (post steroids) Eric Gagne and Guillermo Mota in the same bullpen! Their gonna party like its 2003! Wooooo!

Solomon Torres: Newsflash to myself, Solomon Torres has not been half bad this season. Armed with 27 saves and a 3.20 ERA, Torres has been a God send for the Brewers this season. Without Torres, the Brewers never would have sniffed the playoffs this season. Another plus for Torres, anyone else notice that in 2006 he appeared in 94 games! Wow!
Trusted (with major caution)

Eric Gagne:
There is no way any Brewers fan could trust Gagme (yes Gag-me) after witnessing his abysmal performance this season. GM Doug Melvin gave Gagme $11 million to close for the Brewers and Gagme was terrible. He has been horrible for a year and a half now and should not sniff the late innings of a ballgame.
Not trusted

Brian Shouse:
Here's another submariner that I absolutely love. Not only does Shouse have a ridiculous delivery, but he consistently gets the job done. Shouse has a .95 ERA against lefties this season and would be perfect in a big spot against a David Ortiz, Carlos Delgado, or James Loney. That's high praise right there.

Guillermo Mota: Ladies and Gentlemen, its time for me to deal with my demons from the 2006 NLCS. GUILLERO! why did you throw a fastball to Scott Spiezio on a 0-2 count? You realize that Spiezio was not going to get a good swing off any changeup you threw right? And c'mon Guillermo, could that pitch have been any more down the middle? Ughhhhhh.
Anyway, Mota has actually not been bad for the Brew Crew this season. But I warn Brewers fans, Mota is a hostile and volatile arm who can explode at any moment. I would hate to see him in a make or break big spot because I am sure he would crumble. I have seen it before (in both 2006 and 2007)
Not Trusted

Carlos Villanueva:
Villanueva is a strange breed. And no, its not just because he has a beef with Albert Pujols, but because he is a right handed relief pitcher who can't get righties out. Amazingly, Villanueva has a 2.84 ERA against lefties this season while righties have crushed him to the tune of a 5.53 ERA. I'm sorry, but you cannot have a right handed relief pitcher who has no ability to getrighties out. That won't work.
Not Trusted.

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