Thursday, April 30, 2009

2009 April NL All Stars

Well ladies and gentlemen, today marks the last day of April. It seems like just yesterday that we were all eager to get the baseball season underway, but time flies when it's baseball seaso

With that said, some players are off to a fantastic start so far this season. While the results may look somewhat skewed right now, it's interesting to take a look at which players are producing for their clubs early on. Then again, come September, some of these numbers might seem ridiculous as players inevitably come down to Earth or struggle to maintain their current place.

I have assembled a roster of the 2009 April All Stars. While I expect some of these guys to be producting 2-3 months from now, it's obvious that some of these guys are playing out of their minds right now.

And for clarity, I am focusing on the national league today and the American League tomorrow.

Without further ado, here are your National League studs for April.

2009 April NL All Stars

C- Benjie Molina, Giants
Benjie Molina hit a triple last night...this is not a joke. For that reason alone (plus his production), Molina makes this roster over Yadier.

1B- Albert Pujols, Cardinals
"The Machine" is off to a ridiculous start with 7 HR, 26 RBI, and only 7 strikeouts

2B-Chase Utley, Phillies
Fully recovered from hip surgery and off to a flying start (.342, 7 HR, 20 RBI, .461 OBP). Lots of good choices to choose from at 2b.

3B-Pedro Feliz, Phillies
Gotta love April baseball: Pedro Feliz has a .395 OBP. Pure comedy.

SS-Miguel Tejada, Astros
Since Hanley Ramirez and Jose Reyes are not off to flying starts, I went with Tejada. The NL shortstops have been a disappointment thus far. They are almost like the anti-2b.

OF- Raul Ibanez, Phillies
Further proof that Raul Ibanez is not yet an old man yet: (.359, 7 HR, 17 RBI, .433 OBP)

OF- Kosuke Fukudome, Cubs
Is he just an April wonder? Let's hope not. (.358, 4 HR, 15 RBI, .482 OBP)

OF-Carlos Beltran, Mets
Sure Carlos is hitting .388, but can he hit in the clutch?

(How the hell did they not make the list: Adrian Gonzalez, Orlando Hudson, Manny Ramirez, Jorge Cantu, Adam Dunn, Ryan Braun, Yadier Molina)

SP-Johan Santana, Mets
Best pitcher on the planet right now. And no, I don't care what Sports Illustrated says.

SP-Dan Haren, Diamondbacks
Should be 5-0 right now if the Diamondbacks could give him some run support. 2-3 with a 1.54 ERA???? C'mon D-Backs.

SP-Chad Billingsley, Dodgers
One of the best young starting pitchers out there. When he's on, Billingsley is scary good.

SP-Wandy Rodriguez, Astros
Quietly developing as a solid #2 in Houston. 27 Ks in 32 innings with a 1.69 ERA is very promising.

SP-Jair Jurrjens, Braves
Boy, I'm sure the Tigers would love to have Jurrjens and his 1.72 ERA back...

RP-Jonathan Broxton, Dodgers
16 Ks in 10 innings is pretty dominant if you ask me

RP-Ryan Franklin, Cardinals
I think it's safe to say that the Jason Motte closer experiment is over in St. Louis...Franklin is 7-7 is save opportunities, which has prevented Tony La Russa's mental health from deteriorating because of the bullpen.

CL- Heath Bell, Padres
I still can't believe Omar Minaya traded Bell away for nothing...

(How the hell did they not make the list: Joel Pineiro, Kyle Lohse, Josh Johnson, Johny Cueto, Chris Volstad, Matt Capps)

So, who are the flukes? And who will keep it up?


Bill said...

I think LaRussa will regret pulling the plug on Motte so early. He's a much better pitcher than Franklin.

Josh said...

Sure in the long run Motte is the better pitcher with much better stuff, but right now, there is no doubt that Franklin is the logical choice.

Bill said...

Oh, I don't know. 9 innings (or 1.1 innings, which is all he got as the closer) isn't really enough to make that kind of decision, is it?

Josh said...

I think it's more about how Motte handled the role in addition to the results. It looked as though Motte was having a difficult time handling the pressure. The results have proven this so. As a middle reliever, Motte has been fantastic so far.

Maybe later in the year Motte will move back into the role, but moving him out of the role in April was the right move.

Bill said...

Fair enough. I haven't watched any of the games he's been in.

KL Snow said...

Including Fukudome over Mike Cameron (.333/.430/.667 with nine doubles and five home runs) is borderline criminal.

Josh said...

You sir, make a great point.