Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Party Like It's 1999, A's Fans

Back in 1999, a Giambi-Garciaparra-Chavez middle of the order would have been incredible. All three guys were young, future stars, who were oozing with potential. This incredible trio would have put up some scary good power numbers if they were in the same lineup. I vividly remember having a dynamite Athletics lineup in Griffey Slugfest with both Giambi and Chavez. Could you imagine if Nomar was hitting in between them? I can dream, right?

Now, let's fast forward to last night's Athletics-Angels game. Athletics manager Bob Geren did not start Matt Holliday because of an illness, which left him no choice but to go with the Giambi-Garciaparra-Chavez middle of the order! Even if it's 10 years later, this trio did quite well together last night as the A's beat the Angels.

J Giambi DH5131002.375
N Garciaparra 1B5120004.222
E Chavez 3B5011014.250

Obviously, the A's will need the following if they are going to compete: lots of production from Giambi and healthy seasons from both Chavez and Garciaparra. These three veterans will play a large role in determining how far the Athletics go this season, especially if the young Athletics starting pitching struggles. Giambi and Chavez are especially important as they provide protection for the always dangerous Matt Holliday. As for Nomar, I cannot wait to see how Geren works him into the lineup. Nomar can still hit, that we all know, but it will come down to his health and the health of those around him (Giambi and Chavez!)

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