Thursday, April 23, 2009

CC Sabathia: Only In New York

It only took 4 starts, but the honeymoon between CC Sabathia and Yankee fans is officially over. Sabathia lost his "boo-ginity" today, as Yankee fans paraded the large left hander with boos as he walked off the mound after his fourth consecutive average start.
"Sabathia feels much the same way. He allowed seven runs -- six earned -- six hits and four walks in 6 2/3 innings with two strikeouts, and he was booed by the crowd that seemed far smaller than the 43,342 announced on the rainy afternoon.In 24 1/3 innings, he's walked 14 while striking out just 12."I'm just trying to be too fine," he said, "trying to throw right to the corners."
Sabathia probably had a difficult time hearing a majority of the boos because the most expensive seats at the Stadium were once again, empty.

I know Yankee fans expect the world from this guy after giving him the biggest contract ever handed out to a starting pitcher, but can you please give him more than 4 starts before booing him? I understand fans want to express their displeasure, but booing your new ace after just four starts is stupid in my eyes.

But don't take it personally, CC, everybody gets booed in New York. Even Derek Jeter.

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