Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sorrow for Morrow

Seattle Mariners
E Bedard5.063308085-565.40
R Corcoran (H, 1)2.000002022-150.00
D Aardsma (H, 1)1.00000109-60.00
B Morrow (L, 0-1; H, 1)0.203331028-1440.50
M Batista (B, 1)0.02000003-30.00

For Mariners fans, this has to be quite concerning. Even though Morrow was able to get the first two outs in the ninth inning today, he wound up blowing the game because of porous control. Once Wakamatsu was forced to go to Miguel Batista, you knew the game was over.

But back to Morrow, Mariners fans have to expect some bumps in the road from their young closer as he fully adapts to the role for good. In addition, Morrow missed a good portion of spring training, so there's a good chance that he is behind on his work. The control issues are a tell tale sign of that, but Mariners fans need be cognizant that Morrow has struggled in the past with his control (50 to 66 K/BB ratio in 2007, 34 to 75 K/BB ration in 2008) and he will obviously need to cut down on the walks.

I have no doubt that Morrow will be a very good closer in this league...eventually. When he is on, Morrow has fantastic stuff. Plain and simple.

But if last night is any indication, it might take a little time for Morrow.

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