Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day Shots: Finally, A Place Where George W. Bush Will Not Get Booed

As a political science major, this picture was a must for me. 40,000 people cheering W! Only in Texas. I'm sure the Rangers were thrilled to have the former Commander in Chief throw out the first pitch!

As a baseball fan, this picture is a must for me to write about. Bush has pretty good throwing we have seen before.

(Photo: AP)


Ron Rollins said...

As a former political science major, and a retired soldier with 20 year of duty in almost 40 countries, I can tell you lots of places President Bush can go to get cheered.

Any military base in the world where Americans soldiers at, for one.

All the countries around the world like Americans and know a strong American presence is good for them, for another.

Just because the papers don't print, and the video media only shows protests doesn't mean anything.

President Bush was very popular around the world. With people and governments. I've seen it first hand.

Josh said...

This was nothing more than a stupid attempt at some political humor on my part. I apologize if anyone was offended by it. I'm fully aware that the President was extremely popular with his base supporters even when so many Americans opposed his administration. While people will debate President Bush's decisions and impact for generations to come, I think we can all agree that the man has a tremendous right arm.

Anyone else recall Bush saying that his biggest mistake was trading away Sammy Sosa?

Whatever your political views, I thank you for your service, Ron. It's people like you who make the United States safe and free for people like me.

Once again, thank you.