Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Morning Photo(s): Let's Argue!

I'll be honest: I love watching managers argue. Whether he kicks dirt, throws his hat, acts like a baffoon, or even screams until his lungs give out; there is something remarkable about watching a manger argue. Even though there is little chance a manager will actually win his argument with the umpire, he still takes the time to scream, yell, and curse at a hopeless umpire all in the name of firing up the players and sometimes, the fans. Nevertheless, the spectacle is fantastic and amusing.

Luckily for us, we have three examples of managers gettin' into it with umpires from last night's games.

Orioles manager Dave Trembley giving the umpire "the business" before getting tossed. Good to see Trembley is on his toes. Epic stare down occurring here.

Royals manager Trey Hillman getting right in the umpire's face, screaming and yelling like a mad man. Great technique. I'm pretty sure Royals fans should be screaming at Hillman for his misuse of the bullpen thus far.

Yankee manager Joe Girardi demonstrating the "Yankee Way" by acting somewhat civil in his argument last night. I would absolutely love to see Girardi explode at an umpire a la Lou Piniella. That would complete my baseball life.

(photos: AP)

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